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le delizie di Pasqua

Pasqua è alle porte, ecco le proposte in stile BU-NET!

Ormai ci conoscete! Noi di Bu-net siamo quelli che prendono le tradizioni locali e non, e le re-interpretano in chiave moderna, proponendo specialità culinarie del territorio.

Ed anche per le festività pasquali abbiamo preparato per voi, tre squisiti box dolci, con colomba and cioccolato come vuole la tradizione!

Per non trascurare nessuno, abbiamo pensato anche ai “meno golosi” che prediligono una bella grigliata in compagnia! A loro abbiamo dedicato uno speciale box di carne scelta di manzo e maiale, oltre che uno speciale box hamburger!

Box Classic Easter

Colomba classica e spumante con in più una deliziosa crema spalmabile a tua scelta!

Box Sweetie Easter

Golosa colomba al cioccolato, accompagnata da una bottiglia di “Bollicine”

Box Delicious Easter

Il cioccolato “alla BU-NET”! Creme spalmabili, spumante e tavolette del migliore cioccolato piemontese

Scopri anche i nostri box "non dolci"!

le ricette "my cooking box"

Bring out the Chef in you!

What’s more practical than buying a box which contains all ingredients and recepits to prepare delicious gourmet dishes directly to your home and for that matter, saving money??

From the experience of our Chefs, are born Foodbox named Bu-net! Try them all and surprise your guests with creative dishes, rich in taste and tradition.

These packages have also been designed to be an excellent gift idea. In fact, the content can be contained in the
our bu-net box limited edition!

FOODBOX Spelt Pizza with White Melon and Lonzino Jam

FOODBOX Macaroni with Cream of Potatoes, Mussels and Trout Bottarga

FOODBOX Sushi Ball with Smoked Trout

FOODBOX Chickpea Cream with Crunchy Lard and Prawns

Wait! Box are not only these!

Our Chefs have worked hard to offer you many different courses, click the button below to discover them all!

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"I need to know the story of a food.

I need to know where it comes from. I need to imagine the hands they’ve been cultivating,

worked and cooked what I eat.

Carlo Petrini


Traditional Food  Lo store online dei prodotti tipici regionali 

BU-NET Traditional Food, the new frontier of Italian regional food

BU-NET Traditional Food, is the new online portal dedicated to lovers of good regional cuisine. In our shop you can find hundreds of food and wine excellences from Piedmont and the Valle d’Aosta. Eating well means living well! For this reason we carefully select our suppliers and their products in order to bring to your tables, only the best quality of food and drinks, expertly made by skilled artisans, respecting the oldest local culinary traditions. From the vineyards perched on the Alps to the flat rice fields of Vercelli, BU-NET will take you to discover unique flavors. A food and wine journey that will surprise even the most demanding palates!

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