Benefits of legumes as pre and post workout

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In this section our experienced staff in the field of sports has thought to describe the benefits of legumes as pre and post training!

Benefits of legumes as pre and post workout

Why legumes are important nowadays for a healthy and correct diet: we will reveal it right away

legumes are valuable foods from the nutritional point of view, for this reason they are useful in various and different circumstances. They can in fact contribute to the balance of the diet behind different aspects and the cases where they can be inserted in the eating habits are a lot

Bu-Net has always been pro healthy life, for this reason we also collaborate with sports professionals (also giving life to Wealthy temathic box). So you could not miss a linked column. Are you a sportsman? Are you looking for useful and valid guides for your diet? Make yourself comfortable, it’s the article for you!

Together we will try to understand how to make the most of the caratteristiche nutrizionali dei legumi to have advantages and benefits after and before sports training.

How to integrate legumes into the diet

It is now known that the lifestyle of contemporary man is characterized by a very low or moderate calorie expenditure.

Based on this, a generic diet could be considered too abundant, thus favoring overweight.

For this reason, in order to follow a healthy and balanced diet, nowadays it is necessary to integrate legumes into one’s life.

Legumes before the training

legumes are very useful to support the energy commitment of the organism.

Eating legumes before training according to the opinion of different experts is considered an excellent habit, although many struggle to find a "practical" solution to the purpose, simply because the legumes whole require a very long cooking, those secchi must also be soaked in advance, and often the hustle and bustle of daily life does not allow you to schedule meals as you should.

Legumes after workout

Legumes contribute to improved muscle recovery or hypertrophic growth post allenamento.

Increase the percentage of essential amino acids going to associate or alternate legumes and cereali allows you to go to decrease the portions of eggs, milk and derivatives, meat and fishAll to the benefit of health.

Ecco che mangiare legumes and cereals after training, allows both to replenish glycogen stores that go to "rebuild" damaged muscle tissues.

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