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Our Box

Let yourself be tempted: try our boxes, each one contains a unique experience!

With the current over 1300 products in the store, there was a question: how does a person who has never tasted these specialties, to choose from which to start?!

And it is in response to this question that we decided to create combinations that can meet all needs, both culinary and economic, proposing a series of boxes of selected typical products.

Each category has a specific purpose, so take a few moments and immerse yourself with us in this "sea of taste", to choose the box that best suits you.

Itinerary Box

What connects the Langhe to the Aosta Valley, passing from Canavese? Obviously the taste and tradition! In this collection we combined different types of AGNOLOTTI (typical of Monferrato) with condiments and wines of Serra Morenica di Ivrea and lower Valle d'Aosta. A journey through unique and unforgettable flavors. Discover all our itineraries and let yourself be carried away by the taste, in this unique "food and wine" journey.

Experience Box (work in progress)

This section was born from our direct experience: during one of our trips, discovering new products and artisans, in a valley as fascinating as symbolic, we felt the desire to "enclose" in a box, the characteristic flavors of that area, so circumscribed yet so rich in traditions, to be able to bring home... "a piece". Discover how many and which are the "valleys" that have particularly inspired us!

My Cooking Box

Have you ever wanted to prepare a new, delicious dish, without knowing where to start? Maybe without even knowing what the necessary ingredients are... not to mention the process... Or maybe, you just want to test yourself on the stove to impress your guests? Then this category is right for you! Here you will find many foodboxes, from the most classic to the most GOURMET, all complete with the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the dish, in addition to the recipe with the procedure, described step by step by our Chefs. You just have to put your "hands in the dough" and work in the kitchen with the traditional flavors signed Bu-Net.

Wellness Box

100% ORGANIC = 100% PERFORMANCE: from the collaboration with sportsmen and nutritionists, the Bu-Net wellness box line is born. A careful selection of organic products, food and cosmetics, designed for those who are particularly attentive to their physical fitness, but do not want to give up the good taste of traditional Italian cuisine.

Convenience Size

Excellent products or full pantry? Well, you don’t always have to choose! In this section, in fact, we have prepared boxes that satisfy both the palate and the wallet. Here you will find a series of daily specialties (such as pasta, cheese and legumes), all strictly coming from our selected partners, in a "family" format that ensures you the best quality/ price ratio. You can also choose how to compose some boxes, depending on your preferences.