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Honey, a precious ally essential for winter

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In this article of the advice section, we want to talk about the importance of HONEY! Let’s find out together with our nutritionists, why it is a valuable ally for our immune system

Honey, a precious ally essential for winter

Why it is important to integrate the production in the diet during the change of season, in view of the winter period? Let’s find out together!

Every year with the arrival of lower temperatures, our body puts in place its "process" of seasonal adaptation that makes us -day after day- immune to any damage caused by the cold.
Despite this, more than often, (and especially in recent years) the temperature drops occur extremely suddenly, and our body may not be able to adapt in such a short and immediate time. In addition, in case of stress or fatigue work/ psychophysical , the immune defenses may be lower than expected, making us "succubi" of temperature changes and leaving the green light to the viruses responsible for the classic winter cold.
Is there a natural remedy to combat all this, without being immediate "slaves" of tachypyrins and similar medicines? Of course yes!

The importance of honey

The natural remedy most effective and simple to use, it is definitely honey. Its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties have been known for a long time and confirmed by the most recent scientific research.
It helps to fight cooling diseases, going to "shorten" their course to the maximum, thus relieving the related symptoms.
thanks to the content of fructosehoney also acts as an energizing remedy and is able to resolve in short periods, the feeling of fatigue, going accordingly to make you find the "lost forces". A healthy and unique food "certified by nature". Despite everything in case of "medical" use it is advisable to choose a honey of proven purity (such as the varieties in our store) and certain origin.


The first doctor of each of us is each of us! It seems a play on words but, in reality, each of us is able to realize when his body "presents" the first symptoms of weakening. Definitely staying at rest in the heat and hydrate as much as possible, can help our body to resume its functions quickly. In this regard, we suggest you to drink hot drinks such as tea and herbal teas, sweetening them with a large teaspoon of honey (we recommend the millefiori). In order not to alter its properties, add honey only when the drink has cooled a little.

). Per non alterare le sue proprietà, aggiungere il miele solo quando la bevanda si è raffreddata un po'. Products present in our store!

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