Liquor of Pino Mugo

In the high mountains, over 1500 m, among the rocks of the Western Alps, grows a spontaneous plant with expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties: Pino Mugo. Our liquor is made from the infusion of its green pine cones.



Liquor of Pino Mugo: pleasantly balsamic, it is excellent served both hot and icy. Golden yellow in colour and with an intense aroma with resinous and soft wooden hints, it will amaze you with its full-bodied taste with resined and spicy notes.


Alcohol content: 35%

Medicinal plant: Pinus Mugo (Strobili)

Additional information

Weight 1,4 kg


Place of Production

Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Luogo di Raccolta

Aosta Valley, at 1600 m asl

Net Content

70 cl


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