Balsamo After shave

The natural after shave with alpine herbs effectively restores the lipid mantle of the skin removed from shaving thanks to a light mixture of walnut oil. The addition of extracts of Calendola and Malva repair, nourish and soothe the skin making it elastic. The Plantain rich in mucilages, moisturizes and tones the skin, the Edelweiss releases anti free radicals, which defends against aging. The essential oil of Mint sanitizes the skin giving it a pleasant feeling of energy and fresh and long-lasting well-being.



Take a small amount of product, to use the product immediately after shaving both electric and manual. Apply after shave to alpine herbs directly on the face and massage with circular movements to facilitate absorption


Active ingredients: Calendula, Mallow, Mint, Walnut Oil, Plantain, Edelweiss

Additional information

Weight 0,12 kg
Dimensions 7,5 × 7,5 × 3,5 cm


Place of Production

Hône, Valle d'Aosta, Italia

Net Content

75 ml


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