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Exfoliating Body

Exfoliating body based on extracts of Mallow, Marigold, Edelweiss, Hypericum, Yarrow and essential mint oil. Thanks to the properties of alpine herbs, it purifies, tones, smoothes and smoothes the skin leaving it soft, velvety and hydrated. The exfoliating will also release a pleasant and relaxing scent of herbs and freshness. Perfect for removing dry skin, dead cells and skin impurities due to its grainy texture. The scrubbing agent of the cream is completely and natural and there are no plastics present: in fact the scrub is composed of finely chopped nut shells that act on the dead cells of the skin. An innovative, natural and super effective scrub technique!



Take an abundant dose of product and massage the moist skin for a few minutes, avoiding particularly sensitive areas. Do not apply to dry skin to avoid redness. At the end rinse thoroughly with warm water.Repeat the treatment once a week to encourage and accelerate cell renewal. The exfoliant is an excellent ally of tanning: eliminating dead cells and drier skin, it highlights the color of the skin during the summer.


Active ingredients: Achillea, Calendula, Hyperic, Mallow, Mint, Edelweiss.


Additional information

Weight0,28 kg
Dimensions10,5 × 10,5 × 4,5 cm


Place of Production

Hône, Valle d'Aosta, Italia

Net Content

200 ml


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