Intimate Detergent Delicate

Natural intimate detergent for outdoor use and washing of private parts. Our very delicate intimate cleanser has been formulated with extracts of alpine herbs, such as Achillea, Stella Alpina and essential oils of mint and medicinal sage. The extracts and properties of sage and yarrow allow to create intimate antibacterial detergents, which avoid irritation or dryness. The natural herbs that make up the intimate soap create a mixture of mild detergents at isovaginal pH, making the product suitable for all members of the family. This gentle intimate cleanser gives a feeling of freshness and protection.



Our intimate natural soap does not contain SLS, dyes or PEG. Dispense a small amount of natural intimate cleanser directly into the palm of your hand or solubilize it in water before washing in contact with your private parts. After washing, rinse thoroughly to avoid soap residues. Alpiflora detergents can be used daily for intimate washing and natural intimate hygiene. Always use natural soaps: natural intimate hygiene, respecting the pH of the skin is essential.


Active ingredients: Achillea, Salvia, Stella


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Hône, Valle d'Aosta, Italia


Bottle of 300 ml, Bottle of 1000 ml


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