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Black Italian Garlic Cream

L’Italian black garlic Umami is a unique and refined product: a harmony of flavors ranging from balsamic to licorice. Garlic, after the long fermentation process, becomes black, acquires new fragrances and will be able to enhance every creation, from salty to sweet.

In 90 g glass, the cream comes from whole bulbs of white garlic polesano DOP. Fermented and then made a delicious cream with the addition of olive oil and water, it is ideal to spread or to flavor risotto and sauces.



The place of origin of theblack garlicis not precisely known, it is said that it was born in Korea, home offermented foods. Certainly thanks to the ingenuity and curiosity of the chefs arrived in Europe, becoming a key ingredient in contemporary Western cuisine. Black garlic has also become so famous for its healthy properties, including a particular presence of antioxidants as well as the property of regulating cholesterol in the blood.black garlic thanks to the fermentation process, black garlic is extremely digestible.
Italian black garlic cream.

Also suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets.

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Piedmont, Italy

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Vasetto da 90 g


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