Bramata Corn Flour for Polenta Rustica

Ottenuta dalla macinazione integrale di mais vitreo has a coarser calibre and more bran than the foil, is enhanced in rustic pairing with meat or cheese, in firm polenta or cut into toasted slices, in polenta concia Valdostan or polenta concia biellese where you want to dare with a less "liquid".

Farina bramata for yellow polenta obtained from macinazione integrale a pietra of fine Vitreous corn. The final product is an irregular grain flour with the partial presence of brans, highly digestible retains all the nutritional properties of corn.



History, passion, quality and tradition are all part of Vallini’s products.

Recommended minimum cooking time 60', be careful not to form lumps, it is not necessary to mix continuously
allergens: possible traces of soy or gluten

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Vallini’s products

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Biella Vaglio (BI)


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