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Semola di Grano Duro “Senatore Cappelli “

Durum wheat semolina " Senator Cappelli "Durum wheat semolina " Senator Cappelli " The durum wheat Senator Cappelli is free from any contamination by mutagenesis induced by x and y rays of radioactive cobalt, unlike the varieties of irradiated GMO durum wheat, now used in agriculture.

Durum wheat Senator Cappelli is an ancestor of modern durum wheat. In recent years it has been rediscovered and re-evaluated as a cereal of excellence, thanks to the following characteristics: the plant has a height of approx. 1.80 m (higher than that of the common wheat) and contains higher percentages of lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as characteristics of high digestibility; represents a sweet and exquisite alternative for the preparation of all the products currently used on the basis of traditional wheat; it has never been altered by the techniques of genetic manipulation of modern agriculture, which sacrifice traditional flavour and content for the benefit of high performance.



E’ una “vecchia” varieta’ di grano duro developed at the beginning of 1900, from its stone milling is obtained an extremely tasty flour, fragrant ideal for pasta and quality bakery products, for the preparation of leavened and' advisable mixture with wheat flour.

allergens: gluten and possible traces of soy

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