Toma Casara

Classic toma made from pasteurized whole cow’s milk, with a reduced shape and intense flavor specific to the seasoning



Toma Casara was created to have a product based on pasteurized milk, with a particular seasoning. Starting from the pasteurized whole milk you get a clot that will then be broken into fine-grained and brought to a high temperature that makes it called semi-cooked cheese. Placed in cylindrical forms it is pressed and turned over in order to obtain a very consistent and dry paste. After being salted, it is aged in a natural cave where it acquires the typical flavor that characterizes it. The ripening process is very slow and must not be less than four months. It will be a cheese that despite having a good ripening can keep a sweet and sweet taste, with the pasta that has a crumbly structure but does not flake. We recommend consumption as such or with the compounds sold in our shop.



- Pasteurized whole bovine milk
- rennet
- ferments
- salt


Nutritional values per 100g product:
Energy value: 1558Kj
Energy value in Kcal: 375Kcal
Fats 30.2g
Of which saturated fats: 13.9g
Carbohydrates 0.1g
Of which sugars: 0.1g
Proteins 25.8g
Salt: 1.31g

To be consumed preferably within 60 days..
Storage method: store in the fridge from +4° C to +8° C..

Additional information

Weight N/A


Place of production

Valle D'Aosta

Net content

500 g, 750 g


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