Toma “Fior di Grotta”

Typical Piedmontese pressed cheese.

This fabulous Canavese cheese is made with semi-skimmed raw milk (the milking of the evening skimmed and the milking of the morning), semi-cooked pasta, not pressed, maturation of at least 8 months, up to a maximum of 18 months and over.

The crust is dark, flowery, and seems literally not washed, but influenced by the mold present in the ripening room, the stone cave with temperature and humidity controlled.

The paste has an intense yellow color, fine holes, intense and aromatic flavor.



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Toma from the reduced dimensions of the shape obtained from pasteurized milk of bovine valdostano. The processing is typical of the classic toma, during the maturing, the reduced size of the shapes makes the maturing process more effective. It is a cheese with semi-hard, elastic and white color slightly darker towards the crust. The taste is intense with nuances of fresh butter, aromatic green grass, light toasted.



- Bovine milk
- rennet
- ferments
- salt


Storage method: store in the fridge at +4

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Place of production

Canavese, Piemonte


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