Risotto Zucchine e fiori di Zucca

The Rice with ''zucchine'' is a light and delicate summer dish, ideal to prepare for an informal lunch with friends or for Sunday lunch with family. Risotto with zucchini is a preparation suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet, it is very easy to prepare and does not require a particular dexterity.


Il contenuto di questa confezione è adatto alla preparazione di 3 porzioni di risotto alle zucchine



Our recipes for risotto, are produced with dehydrated ingredients of the highest quality, looking exclusively for the best that the market can offer. Risottos are packaged with vegetable broth produced in an extremely natural way and without enhancers and/or additives. The vegetables used are mainly from Piedmont and in some particular cases come from other Italian regions, such as artichokes from Sardinia. Pure Saffron Hellenic PDO in the right amount for one of the risotto apparently simpler but of great quality and class. Porcini mushrooms Italian and European for a great classic that we wanted to propose in its best expressions. To characterize all risotto the great simplicity and quality of the ingredients for a product that wants to be extremely healthy, suitable for all consumers and easily customizable with creative additions during the preparation.

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Arro di Salussola, Biella, Piemonte

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