Integratore Alimentare “Alchigola”

ALCHIGOLA® is a dietary supplement, registered at the Ministry of Health, made with forest honeydew honey and a solution of propolis and natural herbs, such as drosera, rosehip and devil’s claw for effective and delicious care.

To be used at the first symptoms of sore throat and to strengthen the immune system.



Conceived thinking about the beauty of an origami, the box is a combination of folds and joints without the use of glue or staples
ALCHIGOLA® is designed in such a way as to allow you to prepare the natural remedy with your own hands: alchemy that our grandmothers also did when in winter they cured the sore throat of their children.



At the first symptoms of sore throat, during the first day of treatment, take a teaspoon of
ALCHIGOLA® every 3 hours. From the second day, with the symptoms fading, you can take 3 teaspoons a day: one in the morning, one in the middle of the day and one in the evening.
Be careful not to consume food and drink for about 30 minutes after taking the product to ensure better effectiveness.

The indications given are for informative and informative purposes and do not replace in any case the advice and advice of the doctor

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Place of Production

Langhe (AT-CN), Piedmont, Italy

Net Content

160 g Melata di Bosco per Confezione, 15 ml Principio Attivo per Confezione


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