Citrus honey


  • Consistency: citrus honey tends to crystallize quite quickly. In a short time it reveals its true cosistenza: naturally soft and creamy thanks to the presence of fine and round crystals, pleasant to the palate and silky to the touch.
  • Color: pale gold when liquid to white, tending to ivory when crystallized.
  • Flavour: sweet and delicate taste, citrus honey satisfies the search for a floral flavor, slightly fruity, with a slight sour note.
  • Aroma: the taste, smell and taste meet: a fragrance of orange blossom gives the palate a fine floral aroma that reflects the delicate scent of this product. It is a pleasantly soft honey that releases in the mouth the atmosphere of the harvest lands, recalling the characteristic scent of orange blossom: the flower of citrus fruits of the genus Citrus.



Obtained between the lands of Sicily and Calabria, the citrus honey is born from the nectar of orange and tangerine and is harvested in the spring, between March and May, in correspondence with the flowering of botanical species that give the raw material to bees.

Our citrus honey is ideal for sweetening hot or iced tea and herbal teas, but the secret is its use in the kitchen: salty and sweet dishes are in fact excellent and unexpected partners for this product. In addition to olive oil and lemon for a refined pinzimonio or to dress mixed salads, in the marinating of raw fish or even in accompaniment to omelettes with spring smells. Surprising the understanding with the pastry: citrus honey is the excellent secret ingredient of original whipped cream, delicate pastiere and tasty fried pasta.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Apiculture Le Querce


200 g jar, 400 g jar

Place of Production

Calabria and Sicily, Italy

Collection period

March, April, May


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