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Borage honey


  • Consistency: Borage honey, in consistency, varies from a semi-liquid-creamy to soft but crystallized.
  • Color: Borage honey tones range from ivory white to beige
  • Flavour: just a taste of borage honey to bring to mind the flavor of something warm and delicate. In

    The mouth has the sensation of sweetness on the palate and, at the same time, of spontaneous aromaticity.

  • Aroma: in line with the delicacy of its flavor and the softness of its clear color, the aroma of this honey

    gives a slight sensation of freshness and persistent sweetness after tasting.



Harvested among the Campanian honeydews, borage honey is one of the most delicate honeys in Italy. Difficult to recognize, easy to taste: creamy on the palate if just invaded, crystallized if left waiting before the first taste. Of a unique and clear color and aromatic and floral taste, it is not a product with a persistent character and adapts very well to all those who are the uses of honey in the kitchen.

Thanks to its delicate and slightly aromatic soul, borage honey is discreetly used for the preparation of many dishes, as a secret ingredient. It can be used as an acidity regulator for Mediterranean sauces or in addition to the classics of vinegrette.It is also advisable to taste this product in all its uniqueness and then spread on a slice of toast, even buttered or in simple accompaniment to cold drinks or herbal teas or to sweeten the tea.

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Apiculture Le Querce


200 g jar, 400 g jar

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Campania, Italy

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