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Wood Bio Honey


  • Consistency: organic forest honey is a honey with a liquid and viscous consistency. It appears to the eyes with a limpid appearance and to the throat with a creamy and dense sensation.
  • Color: it is a honey with a warm color: dark amber with a very fine black tip, almost to give a smoky shade.
  • Flavour: on the palate, forest honey, gives the memory of an imaginary taste of a wide variety of grains in germination: the not far away hint of barley malt for example, reflects the warm character, little sweet and slightly sour of this product. As if to remember the caramelized sugar for the slight bitter nuance, or the rubra, for the thin acid impulse, the forest honey offers to the mouth the footprint of a tarte tatine with apples covered with melted sugar and at the same time the soul of dried or cooked fruit.
  • Aroma: the intertwining of taste and smell is a spicy dance that leads the palate towards a fruity aroma. Cooked or dried fruits such as dates, figs, apples and apricots, accompany the persistent intensity of the malty fragrance typical of this product, to embrace a fine caramel character.


ICEA Organic Certificate - controlled operator No. 1865 - inspection body authorised by MIPAAFT: EN BIO 006 - AGRICULTURE ITALY



This particular organic forest honey is harvested in Piedmont in August: a period during which Metcalfa pruinosa nourishes of the sap of different plant varieties, kidnapped by the younger plants or by their more tender parts.

One of a kind, forest honey is one of the most used products for surprising recipes: from the simple accompaniment to fresh and/or medium-aged cheeses to the combination with butter spread on bread, from the original embrace to species of lake fish to that with spicy meats from the taste of the East.

Thanks to the particular texture, this honey is widely served in harmony with panna cotta and ice cream, to sweeten coffee or barley and to enrich sauces in mixed grills such as ketchup and barbecue sauce.

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Apiculture Le Querce


200 g jar, 400 g jar, 750 g jar

Place of Production

Piedmont, Italy

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