Chestnut Honey


  • Colour: dark amber, with red hues approaching mahogany wood
  • Aroma: intense and pungent, phenolic
  • Consistency: soft but at the same time enveloping liquid, characterized by a slow crystallization
  • Taste: persistent, with a bitter and almost tannic note
  • Matching: excellent with sheep’s cheese and aged vaccines, not to be missed on lard and accompanied by fat meat



One of the most appreciated and well-known honeys in the world: chestnut honey stands out from the others for its look and taste. The color is not golden, but amber and recalls the color of a chestnut, with its brownish and reddish shades. Once tasted, it is difficult to forget the taste: it is very intense, almost bitter, basically little sweet or even not at all. This precious honey is rather liquid, as it hardly crystallizes, given a high percentage of fructose compared to glucose. Because of its high presence of flavonoids and polyphenols, it is an excellent disinfectant and antioxidant. It is particularly indicated as anti-inflammatory, in particular according to some studies, to disinfect and soothe the pains of the urinary tract, to treat ulcers, to placate the abdominal spasms, for respiratory ailments and to promote circulation.

Additional information

Weight N/A

The Bees of the Alps


250 g jar, 500 g jar, 1 Kg jar

Place of Production

Donnas, about 500m above sea level, Aosta Valley, Italy

Collection period

June, July


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