Strawberry tree honey


  • Consistency: creamy and rich in round and very fine crystals, strawberry tree honey is homogeneous and soft on the palate.
  • Color: the strawberry tree honey has an embrace of colors, from amber shades when the product is liquid, to hazelnut-gray or milk coffee color from crystallized.
  • Flavour: on the palate, a slight sweet note opens and closes the curtain of tasting a product with a decidedly bitter character and slightly astringent. The taste path that is creating brings to mind the memory of the ancient and traditional rhubarb candy and then change course and release,in contact with the receptors of the mouth, a soul with a roasted and immature taste, almost to clone that of some underground bitter roots or still green branches. The persistent aftertaste leaves a mark of raw coffee bean on the palate.
  • Aroma: consistent with the scent, the aroma of strawberry tree honey is a photograph of the sensation of a coffee taken after lunch. It is a pleasant bitter perception that leaves room for imagination: as if to have tasted a leaf of a green and poisonous plant or as having tasted the spirit of an infusion of wild herbs


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Between the island lands of Sardinia and Corsica, this product is considered one of the jewels of the Mediterranean: the collection period corresponds to the months of October and November, in conjunction with the flowering of this botanical species, months in which bees are not necessarily still in constant activity.

Strawberry tree honey surprises the diners of chefs from all over the world: the combinations that arise from the encounter with products of both vegetable and animal origin give unprecedented flavors. The ideal partners are certainly cheeses, both ripe and fresh and vegetables with a bitter or hard taste such as cardoons and artichokes.The combination with coffee or peaty whiskey is original and genuine and consistent with the use of infusions and herbal teas and roots.

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Apiculture Le Querce


200g jar

Place of Production

Calabria, Sardegna, Italia

Collection period

October, November


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