Eucalyptus Honey


  • Consistency: eucalyptus honey crystallizes in a homogeneous and compact way. It is an almost creamy product, which gives the palate a gentle and harmonious feel thanks to its fine crystals.
  • Color: from shades of amber when it is liquid, to shades of beige, almost hazel color crystallized. A slight yellow tone finally makes room timidly between the colors of a compact memory of milk coffee.
  • Flavour: the taste, a pleasant mix of sweet and salty caresses the palate. The memory of the brown taste of licorice welcomes the vegetal character of this honey, whose secret is enclosed in a pleasant note of dried mushrooms.
  • Aroma: as if breathing in autumn through the paths of a forest, the smell is linked to the taste. The intense aroma that gives off the eucalyptus honey in the mouth gives a warm welcome that the leading experts in the tasting define as latex. The warm vegetal spirit of the dried mushrooms welcomes the persistent memory of a freshly picked stick of licorice.



The eucalyptus honey is harvested during the month of July between the Sicilian and Calabrian lands, in correspondence with the flowering period of this arboreal botanical species native to Oceania.

In cooking, eucalyptus honey plays a surprisingly important role: it is often used to flavor pasta dishes such as legume or sea soups and in particular to stir risotto. It is a versatile product, excellent for pairing with goats, gorgonzola or salted butter; also ideal with oriental dishes based on raw fish or shrimp and vegetables cooked in a pan. For quiet evenings, a teaspoon of this honey is the perfect partner for infusions or warm milk.

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Apiculture Le Querce


200 g jar, 400 g jar

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Calabria, Sicilia, Italia

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