Lavander Honey


  • Consistency: Lavender honey is a honey that crystallizes quickly, until it turns into a creamy paste that gives the palate a soft and roundish nuance.
  • Color: From white to pearly, lavender honey reflects its delicate flavor with a light and dry tone.
  • Flavour: When tasted, lavender honey brings to mind the memory of a field in bloom, revealing a surprising spring flavor. The unique taste of this product enhances the essence of the lavender flower, which gives the nectar to the bees that produce it and gives a precious and unusual note of chamomile
  • Aroma: When perfume and taste are embraced, the palate meets aroma: lavender honey thus manifests its Provencal spirit, from the scent of cultivated fields to the smell of honeysuckle, up to recall a hidden shade of jasmine.



This lavender honey is harvested in the months of June and July in Provencal soil, in which wide expanses of violet give the bees an attractive summer nectar to be harvested.

Our product is ideal in combination with wild meats, but it is also surprising when used to sweeten hot herbal teas and refreshing drinks such as cold mint tea with ice and lemon or a summer cocktail with lime and basil. Lavender honey is also suitable for polishing tarts with orange jam or for watering duck meat. Excellent in the company of a good salted butter spread on a slice of toast.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Apiculture Le Querce


200 g jar, 400 g jar

Place of Production

Provenza, France

Collection period

June, July


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