Wildflower honey


  • Color: from intense yellow to dark amber depending on the type of flowering
  • Aroma: intense, variable
  • Consistency: liquid that crystallizes slowly, generally variable by year and types of nectar contained
  • Taste: unpredictable, from delicate to robust, from malt to bitter, sometimes with an almost tannic aftertaste
  • Matching: wide to the imagination, this honey is suitable for various combinations. It can surprise you with a cocktail or main course of meat. Some chefs dare to combine it with pizza.



The Alpine Bees' Wildflower Honey has a thousand different shades. Each vintage tells a different story, maybe even every jar.

Depending on the types of flowers that have characterized the place of collection, we can have a Wildflower Honey usually lighter, characterized by a spring flowering in which the notes of dandelion and wild cherry stand out. Or, when the honey is darker, it expresses a summer harvest, which may contain traces of chestnut and honeydew.

The resulting flavors are also a world of sensations, a sort of organoleptic map of the place and the harvest period. It is the most balanced honey we have, excellent as an energizer for athletes and students, but also perfect as an antibacterial remedy for convalescent or debilitated people. It can improve circulation and metabolism and thanks to its antioxidant properties, it is often used even in body care, especially for hair and skin, being an excellent scarring.

Additional information

Weight N/A

The Bees of the Alps


250 g jar, 500 g jar, 1 Kg jar

Place of Production

Bassa Valle d'Aosta, Italia

Collection period

April, July


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