Miele di Tarassaco Bio


  • Texture: The fine crystals that characterize the texture of this honey make it creamy taste. It is a product with a homogeneous and compact style, rich in small granules, easily soluble in the mouth.
  • Color: Dandelion honey has a lively color, from the yellow of mango to that of light amber. Usually it is a product that, when pure, is close to an intense and full-bodied yellow and, if contaminated and accompanied by other pollen, is dyed of light, almost to become beige.
  • Flavour: From the memory of a chamomile infused at dusk until his soul gently acid on the tongue, organic honey dandelion releases in the mouth a fresh and sweet flavor. The taste fully represents the memory of the traditional and marbled crusts of the finest alpine cheeses and, at the same time, the strong fragrance of this product, described by experts as valerianic and animal, with a nuanced chemical note and acetate.
  • Aroma: The particular crystal of this honey allows the taste to perceive a slight tone of freshness on the palate. The unexpected surprise of the use of dandelion honey in drinks and dishes is represented by its delicate aroma that brings to mind a bite given to a green apple and a sharp and penetrating ammonia character.


ICEA Organic Certificate - controlled operator No. 1865 - inspection body authorised by MIPAAFT: EN BIO 006 - AGRICULTURE ITALY



Aprile è il mese ideale per raccogliere il miele di tarassaco biologico. Si tratta infatti del periodo di massima espressione del fiore di questa varietà vegetale che, col passare dei giorni, trasforma la sua gialla infiorescenza in un vero e proprio palloncino meglio conosciuto come “soffione”.

Dandelion honey, given its strong and uncertain spirit, lends itself to accompany wild and bitter dishes such as the same chicory presented in salad and served with seeds or meat cooked on the barbecue or directly on the stone.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Apiculture Le Querce


200 g jar, 400 g jar

Place of Production

Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Collection period

April, May


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