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Because legumes are good all year round!

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In this section dedicated to advice, we wanted to involve our expert nutritionists in order to illustrate the importance of a correct and healthy diet! In this article we will talk about LEGUMES

Because legumes are good all year round!

It could be a question, but also a statement! In fact, in this interesting article we will talk about the benefits of a healthy and correct alimentazione 365 days a year: don’t forget to stock up on these precious allies!

Not only in autumn or winter, the importance of legumes is to be considered an "evergreen"

Even if you eat all vegetariani or vegans, certainly any nutrition professional will "force" you to include beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas in your diet.

Legumes are a unique food, source of valuable nutrients: they are rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates and mineral salts (iron, potassium and phosphorus), contain vitamins (especially B1, niacin, C and H) and antioxidant and protective substances (including polyphenols). This is why they bring different health benefits.

Autumn has arrived and if you love "natural medicines" to fight illnesses, you can not help but read our column on tips! So take paper and pen and eliminate distractions! Below are some benefits of legumes.


They are highly recommended in all diets for those suffering from high blood pressure, since they are rich in potassiumA mineral salt that keeps pressure under control. The daily requirement of potassium is about 3 g, and legumes are some of the foods that contain most of all.
For more information on this, we recommend that you also take a look at the tips for proper nutrition della Società Italiana dell’Ipertensione.


With their interesting contribution of fibrelegumes are able to absorb carbohydrates more slowly, resulting in a more gradual increase in blood sugar.

The suggestion to avoid glycemic peaks should be extended to all people, but it becomes a requirement for those suffering from diabetes. For this reason legumes also have an important preventive action against this disorder.


The nightmare of women! Legumes contain some amino acids that fight fluid retention and are therefore included in anti-cellulite diets.

L’alta presenza di proteine also makes a very important contribution to our muscles and for this reason they are included in all diets for those who want to increase their muscle mass, as well as to recover from illness and combat them.


There are those who perpara with seasonal vegetables, who natural, someone starts cooking with an onion sauté, others even add stale bread... In short, there is really something for everyone!

Our Chef Laima proposes it as follows: guarda la sua ricetta ?

After these tips, remember to have a look at Legumes present in our store!

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Because legumes are good all year round!

In this section dedicated to advice, we wanted to involve our expert nutritionists in order to illustrate the importance of a correct and healthy diet! In this article we will talk about LEGUMES

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