Why eating chestnuts in autumn is good?

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In this section dedicated to advice, together with our expert trainers and nutritionists, we thought to talk to you about CHESTNUTS: why is it good to eat chestnuts in autumn? Let’s discover the benefits together!

Why eating chestnuts in autumn is good?

Raw, cooked, boiled or roasted... no doubt the chestnut qualifies as the queen of the autumn table autunnale! Tasty and hyper energetic, is a real panacea for the saluteLet's discover togheter its benefits

Rich in vitamins and minerals, they are very good for the skin and heart

In the months before winter, in fact, thanks to its valid and recognized nutrients, it is able to strengthen the body’s defenses and also acts as an energy recharge.

Even thought the chestnut is remineralizing: this means that it has good and interesting quantities of fosforocalcioferropotassiumramemanganese. It is an excellent source of vitamine, in particolare di vitamina E, C, K e vitamine del gruppo B, useful for the proper functioning of the organism. 

In this article, we offer you some tips on how to eat them in the "right way"!

The presence of minerals e l’high caloric intake turn chestnuts into an excellent ally when you need to regain strength and recharge your energy, (for example after a bit of healthy sport or to recover from a bad cold).

La ricchezza in fibre alimentari promotes the development of intestinal bacterial flora, helping to keep the intestine healthy and, consequently, the whole organism.

How ti choose chestnut

Chestnuts are widely spread in the woods of almost all our peninsula, however they are found on the market of different varieties and origins. At the time of purchase, to ensure a quality product, we suggest you select only and exclusively castagne integre e sode. The shell must not yield when pressed with the fingers, while the skin must be intact, bright and uniform in color, without green parts or dark brown spots. Always make sure there are no holes in the shell, in which case you may find an "unwanted guest" inside!

How to cook chestnut

As said at the beginning, chestnuts are suitable to be cooked in many ways. We want to suggest you the most popular!

  • Boiled: pour the fruits into a pot full of cold and slightly salted water, then bring to a boil and cook for about 60 min
  • Roasted perhaps the most delicious! Cooked directly on the fire, they take on a delicious smoky flavor. We suggest you make an incision on the skin before cooking, in order to prevent the water contained from exploding.
  • Al forno: pour into a large pan and place them in the static oven preheated to 190 º C for about 30 min

How to preserve chestnut

Fresh chestnuts can be stored in simple jute sacks, preferably in the dark and in a dry place, for a week or in the refrigerator even for a month.

If you want to keep for a long time it is enough to practice the ancient method of peasant origin of the " novena”. The method involves to keep them in water for 4 daysgoing to eliminate those that rise to the surface, and then go to replace half of the water on the sixth and seventh day. On the eighth day all the water is changed and on the ninth day they are left to dry and then put them in burlap bags. In this way they can be stored for up to 5-6 months.

Chestnuts are also suitable for drying and processing into flour, excellent for preparing delicious cakes, tasty appetizers and gustosi pancake!

Now that you have a clearer overview of chestnuts, remember to take a look at the Products present in our store!

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Why eating chestnuts in autumn is good?

In this section dedicated to advice, together with our expert trainers and nutritionists, we thought to talk to you about CHESTNUTS: why is it good to eat chestnuts in autumn? Let’s discover the benefits together!

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