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Fish and sport: why they like them

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Bu-Net Team

Bu-Net’s team of bloggers is made up of multiple experts in the field. Each has 6 to 10 years of experience in the world of digital marketing, always active and attentive to new market trends. Among the staff there are professional chefs, personal trainers and nutrition experts with strong experience behind, who have taken to heart the mission of Bu-Net.

In this section our sports team wanted to highlight a very important fact: because fish and sport go to genius!

Fish and sport: why they like them

Small tips from our sports team: why associate the fish at sport is good? Let's see it togheter!

If you regularly practice sports the "perfect" diet of the athlete should provide and be able to offer the body at least the 60% of energy in the form of carbohydrates... but not only!

If you want to give your best from the sporting point of view, it is good that you pay special attention to nutrition and make sure that it is "balanced".

A food that cannot be missing in the diet of a sportsman is definitely fish.

The fish presents itself as a fabulous source of lean protein, ideal for promoting physical recovery and ensuring a good feeling of satiety over time.

Moreover, fish in the sportsman’s diet can never be missing due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids.

Excellent for reducing the recovery time from inflammation and preventing stress injuries.

They also protect the heart and safeguard the entire cardiovascular system, improving endurance under strain.

The types of fish to prefer

Mackerel and salmon are real mines of Omega 3, even if the high amount of fat makes them more calories and harder to digest.

Contrary to this, swordfish, trout, sea bream, cod and much more are among the thinner species.

As we have told you since the beginning, we at Bu-Net care about the nutrition of sportsmen. For this reason, in addition to having reserved whealty box theme, we offer a beautiful catalog reserved for the fisheries section!

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