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The Team

Our BU-Network

Il nostro team è costituito da quattro giovani imprenditori. Siamo nati e cresciuti in piccoli paesi delle Canavese and Biellese Pre-alps, and we share the passion for the territory and the same desire to fully appreciate it. We met thanks to network marketing and immediately we established the right agreement to collaborate profitably and create a solid team. We have combined our different skills to give life to this ambitious and "tasty" project, whose aim is to make known to the whole world the typical and artisan products of our wonderful Italy, region after region.


Alex Giovanetto

Founder, born in 1988

The youngest in the group but entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience. Owner of DexItalia with his brother, Alex deals with the selection and contacts with suppliers.


Denis Giovanetto

Founder, born in 1983

Owner of DexItalia, Denis works "behind the scenes": he is in charge of logistics, order management and plays a fundamental role in the search for the best resources pre and post shipment.


Martino Cominato

Founder, born in 1986

Photographer and professional videomaker, owner of Cmphoto, Martino has created the site and takes care of its management, continuously integrating its contents.

Behind the scenes

Other team members, no less important, constantly work behind the scenes to develop the project. Laima is in charge of studying and realizing the recipes to be done "at home". Maximiliano deepens the recipes for professional catering and Simone cooks the dishes that you will find in the section Academy..


.. In short terms... we are the "bün" that makes "net"!